White Vein Color Artificial Stone Slab

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Quartz Top  Dining Table

Product:  White Vein Color Artificial Stone Slab

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SQ4305 Sierra-Leone 塞拉利昂.jpg


Product Information

SQ4305 Sierra-Leone

A new type of vein color quartz stone, SQ4305 Sierra-Leone can be applied to many kinds of designs. It can be used in indoor decorations, such as indoor building, commercial building decoration, residential interior projects.

Product Name: SQ4305 Sierra-Leone

Size: 3000x1400mm,3000x1600mm,3200x1600mm(T:12mm to 30mm)

Finish:  Polished

Package:  Standard export sea worthy wooden crate

Usage:  Commercial Building, Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Vanities, Indoor decoration


Product Characteristics:

1. High density and hardness,no cracking, no bending, strong impact resistance

2. Environmental protection material, non-toxic, no rediation, corrosion resistance

3. Non- porous surface ensure its  low water absorption.

4. Nice performance in scratch resistance and abrasion resistance,  stain & heat resistant.

5. Easy maintenance and Clean.

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