Grey Calacatta Slab Quartz Surface Countertop

Product: Artificial Quartz Stone
material :93% natural quartz & 7% high quality polymer resins and colorful pigments
Item: No : Calaccata V006
Color: White/ Grey
Size: 3000x1400mm,3000x1600mm,3200x1600mm,etc. /customized
thickness: 20mm;30mm.
Finish: Polished
Summerly Stone is available in more than 90 colors, ensuring the perfect color for all designs and projects. The three textures available, polished, suede and volcano, allow for endless possibilities. V027 STANDARD SIZE IS 3200*1600MM.

Product Details

Summerly Quartz profile

Summerly Quartz brings more than 10 years of dedication and service to builders, architects and distributors all over the world. As a professional enterprise specializing in the very best quartz stone production and sales,Summerly Quartz was established in 2015, owning 5 advanced production lines for international market. Considering "Green & Healthy" as our concept to promote modern home decoration revolution, our products are widely exported to CA, USA, AU, South America and many other countries. Global door to door service can be provided by us as well.

DescriptionSummerly Quartz stone
Material93% quartz powder, 5% resin and 2% pigment.
ProductsQuartz slab, quartz cut-to-size, quartz countertop, quartz island, quartz vanity top, etc.
ColorCalacatta, marble, single, double & multiple, pure, small grain particles colors, solid colors and customized colors.
Size Quartz slab: 3000 X 1400mm, 3000 X 1600mm, 3200 X 1600mm, 3200 x 1650mm, etc.
Quartz cut-to-size: 1200mm X 1200mm, 1200mm X 800mm, 800mm X 800mm, 600 X 600mm, 600 X 300mm, 300 X 300mm, etc.
Quartz countertop: 25.5"X96", 26"X96", 25.5"X108", 26.5"X108", 28"X96", 28"X108".
Quartz island: 96"X36", 76"X36", 98"X42", 76"X42", 86"X42".
Quartz vanity top: 25"X22", 31"X22", 37"X22", 49"X22", 61"X22".
Thickness15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm.
FinishSurface Finish: Polished.

Side Finish: 

Flat, Stright, Bevel, Bullnose, Full Bullnose, Ogee, etc.
ApplicationCounter tops, kitchen tops, bathroom vanity top, worktops, laundry, table tops, bench top, island tops, bar tops, backsplashes, shower stalls, tub surrounds ,wall tile, wall cladding, floor tile, and airport, station, shopping mall, hotel, bank, hospital.
MOQ100 Square meters
Payment TermTT, LC




Calacatta V027-full slab_副本


1. Where should the quartz stone be used?

Quartz stone must be used indoor such as kitchen worktops, bathroom and vanity tops and floor tiles, where are not exposed to direct sunshine.

2. Why should we use quartz stone other than natural stone?

Compared with natural stone, quartz stone has higher density and hardness, less water absorption, more durable and less maintenance, and better consistent color tone.

3. How should the quartz stone slabs be stocked temporarily?

The quartz stone slabs must not be exposed to the sunshine directly, and slabs must be erected vertically. 

4. Is BESTONE trustable and reliable?

Reputation is the life of BESTONE who is verified by Alibaba and his third party. All customers are warmly welcome to visit BESTONE before ordering, and BESTONE would visit customers regularly for better understanding and support to customers.

5. Is Summerly Quartz professional and experienced?

Summerly Quartz has been exporting the quartz stone slabs and prefabricated tops globally for over 10 years, with 0 complaint and dissatisfaction. 

6. Has Summerly quartz ever taken part in any exhibition?

Every year Summerly Quartz takes part in exhibitions in USA, Europe, Dubai, Brazil, Asia, and so on.