Man Made Quartz Countertops

Calacatta Quartz is a great choice for homeowners looking to add a modern Style to their kitchen or bathrooms. Quartz countertops are a newer product, Also referred to as engineered stone countertops.The beautiful veining slighting resembles that of marble and Granite. Quartz is five-times...

Product Details

  Kitchen Remodel Quartz Countertop

Because pigments can be added to the polymer and resin blend during manufacturing, there are numerous color choices for those who want quartz countertops. More and more Quartz designs that are made to mimic marble countertops. Most of the field is white quartz with streaks and veins of black and grey. These designs provide a great alternative to marble, they still have the beautiful look of marble with all of the durability and easy maintenance of quartz.

Product Name

Calacatta V014 Epic Staturio


Artificial Stone




20mm, 30mm

Surface finish



 Mohs Hardness 7

Water Absorption



PPE film+ wooden pallet


T/T, 30% before mass production, 70% before   shipment upon receiving the invoice.

Quartz is five-times harder than granite, which means it is break resistant. And the resin is non-porous, it doesn't need to be sealed. which makes quartz impervious to staining or etching, not to mention unsanitary bacteria, grime. Quartz never requires buffing or sealing. With quartz, you are good to go armed with just soap and water.


Q: In which areas of the home should quartz be used?

A: Use quartz for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops,  walls, floor, fireplaces, windowsills,tables,etc.


Q: Can I customize the look of my quartz stone countertops?

A: Yes. In the quartz production process, different materials can be added to adjust the color and pattern of the quartz. Colors can range from light and deep or other color. Pattern  can range from marble coloring to give the effect of marble countertops. It is a popular choice for countertops.


Q:Could you give me a lower price if the quantity is large enough?

A:If you quantity reaches over 2 containers,we can give promotional price.

Q:How to get the quotation if I want to customize the size?

A:Generally Speaking, some professional advices will be given within one week after receiving your CAD or PDF drawings. When we reach an agreement on the design plan and quotation, we will start production process.

Product Inspection:

Beautiful Quartz countertops


quartz countertops for kitchens


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