Calacatta V006 Grey Vein Large Slab Countertop Quartz Stone

Calacatta V006 Grey Vein Large Slab Countertop Quartz Stone,
Size: 3200*1600 mm (126′x 63′) ; / 3000 *1400 mm( 110′x 47′) /customized.
Thickness: 20mm;30mm. Finish: Polished Quartz Stone. This product is
very suitful used as kitchen countertios, reception and desktops. Contact us to get free sample!

Product Details

Product:  Artificial Quartz Stone

material :93%   natural quartz & 7%   high quality polymer resins and colorful pigments

Item: No : Calaccata V006

Color:  White/ Grey

Size: 3000x1400mm,3000x1600mm,3200x1600mm,etc.  /customized

thickness: 20mm;30mm.

Finish: Polished


Product picture:



Product Performance

product performance.png


Production Process:

1. The process begin with a rigorous inspection of raw materials.

2. Feeding natural quartz raw material and polymer resins and inorganic pigments in to mixers and blending them together.

3. After stirring the mixture, then pouring them into a mold and form them into slab size.

4. Pressing: Then the slab is compacted by a special vacuum and vibration process at pressure machine.

5. The slab then moved to the curing kiln and heated for a period time which give them ultimate strength and solidity.

6. Trimming edges, leveling , thicknessing and polishing surface to perfect finished.

7.Finally, the quartz stone slabs passed through quality inspection and packed with a plastic film.

Packing  wooden crate (slab)  wooden box (tiles/ countertop)


Product Application:

residential users: kitchen countertops. bathroom vanity tops, shower stalls and tub surrounds , tabletops , wet bar top, wall cladding and flooring tiles

commercial uses: conference tables,  reception and desktops, countertops and credenzas, lobby and interior walls,  airport, metro, shopping mall, hotel.


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