Jumbo Size Book Match Calaccata Vein Quartz Countertop

Calaccata V002 is one of our new calaccata product in 2018, it is popular among our customers now. Normal size 3200*1600 mm and 3000*1400 mm, thickness 20 /30 mm. We can offer special customize services including book matched and other requirements. Contact us to get free samples now1

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Jumbo Size Book Match Calaccata Vein Quartz Countertop

Unlike granite, quartz surfaces are fairly easy to clean and maintain, and you do not need any special cleaning products. All you need for a day's cleaning is a cloth and warm soapy water, and that's all you need. Second, you save money on the minimum maintenance required to clean kitchen materials such as quartz countertops. Quartz countertops and countertops are best cleaned with warm water first, but you can also clean regularly with a little soap and water.Quartz is a hard worn stone and unlike other hard wear stones such as granite, is not embedded in any way.

Product: Artificial Quartz Stone
titleraw material:more than93 % natural quartz and 7% polymer resin and pigments.111

Item name:

Calaccata V002
Color:  White and Grey
Size:3200*1600 mm (126′x 63′) ; / Customized


Our new range of granite countertops are specially treated and Sensa-embedded with more quartz so they do not need to be treated annually.Using ForeverSeal (r) resin makes the maintenance of quartz kitchen tops much easier and cheaper - more effective than other materials.Quartz is an extremely low-maintenance material, unlike granite, which has to be sealed once or twice a year.

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Q: Could you offer honed surface?

A: Yes, we can offer both polished surface and honed surface.

Q: Can your quartz be used as vanity top?

A: Yes, our quartz slab are very suitful be used as vanity top and kitchen countertop fot its psychical feature. Besides the vanity top and kitchen countertop, it can also be used as tabletops, receptions tops amnd other kinds of top usages.


Q: What if I want black/blue vein of your calaccata?

A: We can offer customized service.  We will make a small sample as your requirement,  then make the 

big slabs after received your confirm.


Q:  Where is the loading port?

A:  The loading port is XIAMENT PORT,  CHINA.

Q: How is Summerly different from other quartz surfaces?

A: Summerly's design options are significantly different, reflecting our knowledge and responsiveness to the marketplace.


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