Engineered Quartz Composite Countertops

Quartz stone is one of the most abundant minerals in the world. It’s easily mined, and found across the globe. It’s also one of the hardest minerals in the world, which makes it a durable and bacteria-resistant option for kitchen and bathrooms. Because it requires little maintenance, the stone...

Product Details

Our continued growth and success originates from our customers and the quality people in our employ. Through our Direct-to-Customer principle removing the middleman from our process, we proudly return the added value in quality and cost savings to our customers. Our State-of-the-Art stone processing factory in India and our strong overseas relationships ensure elimination of common industry problems such as inconsistent products, inaccurate information, price fluctuations and product shortages. 


Engineered Quartz Composite Countertops Specification

 Item No.

SQ4306 Driftwood

Product name

Engineered Quartz Composite Countertops


- Big Slab: 3000*1200mm, 3000*1400mm, 3000*1500mm, 3200*1600mm

- Floor tile: 300*300mm, 600*600mm, 800*800mm, 1000*1000mm

- Countertop: 48*26". 70*26", 78*26", 96"x26", 108"x26"

- Island: 72"x36", 96"x36", 96"x40", 108"x44"

- Vanity top: 22"x25", 22"x31", 22"x37", 22"x49", 22"x61", 22"x73


12mm,15mm, 18mm,20mm,30mm

Surface finished

Polished, honed


Strong Wooden Crates or Based on Customer's   Request

 Terms of payment

T/T, L/C, Western Union,Escrow,etc

Product   charater

1.Scratch Resistance, Higher strength.Higher density   & Higher hardness.

2. Antimicrobial,Stain Resistance

3.No-radiation Non-toxic, green eco- friendly building   material.

4.Excellent options for color, pattern, texture and   finish

5.Heat Resistance, Fine and pure material.


Engineered Quartz Composite Countertops Applications:

Versatility is another of the most appealing advantages of Engineered Quartz Composite Countertops. They can be used for many different applications during a kitchen renovation. Countertops, islands, wet bars, tabletops, desktops, worktops, laundry,table tops,bench top,and backsplashes are just some of the uses for Engineered Quartz Composite Countertops.



1.Q: Engineered Quartz Composite Countertops Care?

A;Daily care is a cinch—just use a soft sponge or dishcloth and warm water. For stubborn or greasy messes, add a gentle liquid cleanser or dish soap. Never use abrasive cleaners, scrub sponges, or metallic pads, as these may dull the surface; additionally, some common household cleaners with very high or low pH levels may discolor Engineered Quartz Composite Countertops. Unlike granite, quartz does not require sealing.


2.Q. Is quartz scratch resistant?

A. Because quartz contains approximately 93% quartz, the hardest components of natural granite, the surface is highly scratch and impact resistant. However, as with any surface, sudden impact, excessive force/pressure, or misuse can damage the stone surface.


3. Q. Can quartz stain?

A. Quartz is a very durable material and staining is unlikely. However as a precaution, wipe up any spills in order to avoid any damage to the countertop.


4.Q: How do I know the quality of the products?

A: We’ll send you the order update and product pictures for you to see for yourself. QC inspection by yourself or your friend is accepted.


5Q: Could you offer the free samples?

A: Yes, free samples will be sent for you, but you have to pay the shipping cost for samples.


Production Process:

Engineered Quartz Composite Countertops.png



Engineered Quartz Composite Countertops.jpg



Engineered Quartz Composite Countertops.jpg



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