Hot Selling White Quartz Stone Cladding

SS3990 Sunrise is our hot selling white quartz stone for cladding. Size: 3200*1600 mm / 3000 *1400 mm /customized, 12/15/18/20/30 mm thickness Polished /Honed Surfaced. Package with standard export seaworthy wooden crate It suitable for indoor wall cladding and flooring
tiles cladding.

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Hot Selling White Quartz Stone Cladding

Product:  Artificial Quartz 


 With more than 90% natural quartz raw material and polymer and pigments


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white quartz stone cladding SS3990 Sunrise.jpg


Item name: Sunrise

Item: No. : SS3990

Color:  white quartz

Size:  3200*1600 mm (126′x 63′) ;  / 3000 *1400 mm( 110′x 47′)  /customized

thickness: 12/15/18/20/30 mm thickness

Finish: Polished /Honed


Standard export seaworthy wooden crate



Q: How to produce your quartz stone?

A: 1. The process begin with a rigorous inspection of raw materials.

2. Feeding natural quartz raw material and polymer resins and inorganic pigments in to mixers and blending them together.

3. After stirring the mixture, then pouring them into a mold and form them into slab size.

4. Pressing: Then the slab is compacted by a special vacuum and vibration process at pressure machine.

5. The slab then moved to the curing kiln and heated for a period time which give them ultimate strength and solidity.

6. Trimming edges, leveling , thicknessing and polishing surface to perfect finished.

7.Finally, the slabs passed through quality inspection and packed with a plastic film.

Quartz Stone Production Flow Process.jpg


Q: What’s the thickness tolerance of your artificial stone slab?

A: Usually the thickness tolerance is ±0.5-1mm for per slab.


Q: Could you offer customize quartz stone?

A: Yes,  we can customize the quartz stone according to your samples, it can be over 90% similarity take about 3 to 5 days.


Q: Is your white quartz stone suitable for outdoor cladding?

A: It is not suitable for outdoor wall & floor cladding; it is only for indoor wall decoration and flooring. For artificial quart stone have ingredient contains some color pigment, it will fade if long time exposure in the sun.


Q:Could you offer free sample?

A:We can offer free samples, but freight cost will be on you. About the paying method please provide us your DHL, or TNT or FedEx paying account or pay the freight fee directly to our paypal account.


Q:Could you print our logo on back of slab?

A: Yes. We could do it on quartz slab.  


Q: What are the advantages of quartz stone counter top comparing with granite counter tops?

A:Comparing with natural granite counter tops, quartz stone counter tops have  more colors option , colors of quartz stone are prettier and the quality are relatively more stable than natural granites. Quartz stone products have the following characteristics: environmental friendly, high hardness, no oil leakage, easy to clean, no radiation compare with natural granites. The length of the natural stones are usually not long, so if you want to make a long counter top, there will certainly have the seams which are easy to hide dirt. So it is wiser to choose quartz stone when produce long tops.


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