Factory-Direct Super White Solid Surface Quartz Stone

Both Super White and Pure White is Summerly’s Best Seller Quartz Stone which we are proud of. Good polish surface make super white shiny and suitable for any luxury decoration. With Ten Years Quality Guarantee and also SGS,NSF,UL certificate and so on.It means summerly quartz stone is safe and green-guard material. So,why don’t you try summerly Super White Quartz Stone to help you expand high end customer market?

Product Details

What is Summerly Quartz Stone?

◎Best Quality Raw Material:Selected quartz crystal mineral by high-end sifting machine.Summerly Quartz Stone contains about 90% Quartz Sand.Used non toxic resin which makes the quartz stone without any bad smell.Good quality of quartz sand makes the quartz stone not easy to break or out of shape.

◎Stain Resistance: Synthetic Quartz Stone is no air pore at all therefore it is resistant to stains from coffee, wine, tea and many other common household products.Very Suitable For home decoration.

◎Heat Resistance: It will stand limited exposure to heat without burning and scorching.  

◎Strength: Synthetic Quartz has 4 times the flexural strength of granite not eacy get scratch and bending.

◎No Color Difference: The color of Synthetic Quartz Stone do not fade and change as time goes by.




Detail Information

Item No.:SS2822 Super White

Place of Origin:Xiamen

Mohs Hardness:6-7 class

Water Absorption:0.02%


Standard Specification:3200x1600mm


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Know Something About Us:

Summerly Quartz always keep innovating,keep moving and keep being a forerunner in this field.

For us Quality is not a choice but a must.Every body work hard in order to make Summerly Better and Better!


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