Jumbo Size Book Match Calaccata High Polished Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop

Calaccata V008 is one of our calaccta serie product with nice grey vein. We can offer large jumbo size and coutertop prefab and customized size. Thickness 20 /30 mm,It must impressive you with nice quality and pretty color. We can make book match slab now.

Product Details

Product:  Artificial Quartz Stone

raw material:  more than93 % natural quartz and 7% polymer resin and pigments.

color name: Calaccata V008

Color:  White

Size:  3200*1600 mm (126x 63) ;  / customized

thickness: 20mm;30mm.

Finish: High Polished

 quartz calaccata V008.jpg.jpg



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How to produce it?

1: inspect raw materials

2 mix all nature quartz sands and inorganic pigments and polymer resins and blend them together.

3. Pour them mixed material in the a mold. Form to slab size.

4. Press them with a special vacuum and vibration  and heated for a period time.

5. Trimming, leveling, thicknessing, polishing.

6.Inspred and filming.

Quartz Stone Production Flow Process.jpg

Q :How to packing slabs or tiles or countertops?

A: We pack slab with standard export seaworthy wooden crate and wooden for tiles or countertops

IMG_3938.JPG quartz stone kitchen countertop .jpg


 quartz stone kitchen countertop wooden frame.JPG


Q:Can I make kitchen countertop with your quartz stone?

A: Yes,  besides  kitchen countertops. bathroom vanity tops, our quartz slabs can be used as  wall cladding and flooring tiles; conference tables,  reception and desktops...


Q: Can your calaccata made as book matching?

A: Yes, it can.

拼接 BOOK matched calaccata V008 2 .jpgquartz  calaccata V008.jpg


Q:how to maintain your quartz countertops?

A: 1)  Apply a common home cleaner to the stain. Leave cleaner on surface for two minutes.

2)Use a non-scratch pad to rub gently in a circular motion for five minutes.

3)Rinse with clean water thoroughly.

4)Dry the surface.

5)If stain persists, repeat process with an all-purpose cleaner.


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