Grey Vein Quartz Kitchen Countertop Options

SS6305 Middle Cararra is one of most popular Summerly quartz color recently years. Nomal size is 3200*1600mm and we can offer other size as your need. We can also directly offer you quartz kitchen countertop and flooring tiles.Except this one we also have many colors and series options. Contact us to get free sample now!

Product Details

Quartz Top Round Dining Table

Quartz countertop is very hard – nearly as hard as granite. It has the advantage in that it won’t crack as easily as granite or slate does. It is very resistant to heat, so a hot pan won’t leave a scorch mark. The surfaces are resistant to scratches and cuts, though it’s still recommended you use a cutting board on top of them. 

Iterm Infomation:

Product:  Artificial Quartz Stone

Item name: Middle Cararra

Item: No. : SS6305

Color:  White/ Grey

Size: 3200*1600 mm (126′x 63′) ;  countertop size /  tile size /customized

thickness: 12/15/18/20/30mm.

Finish: Polished / Honed

Raw material: 93%  natural quartz sand and 7% high quality polymer resins and colorful pigments


quartz countertop.jpg

sample video


Characteristics of Quartz:

1. Quartz perform excellent in scratch resistance and abrasion resistance,  stain & heat resistant.

2. Quartz has high hardness: Moh's hardness can reach 7

3. Quartz's without porou surface ensure its  low water absorption.

4. Quartz is an environment friendly material.

5. Quartz has little requirement of daily maintenance: antibacterial, anti-mold, anti-mildew;  resistant to household chemicals. 



1. How many years is your quartz guaranteed?

Generally, our quartz can be used for more than 15 years, because it is with no porous, bend resistant, impact resistant, scratch proof, eco-friendly and just need little routine maintenance.

2. Could I directly buy kitchen countertop from you?

Yes,  we can  process our slabs into qurtz kitchen countertop for you and pack them with fumugated wooden box.

quartz stone countertop.JPG


3. Is your quartz stone suitable for outdoor cladding?

It is not suitable for outdoor wall & floor cladding; it is only for indoor wall decoration and flooring. For artificial stone have ingredient contains some color pigment, it will fade if long time exposure in the sun.

4. What kind of edge can you offer?

Below are some commen edge we offered.

5-Could you print our logo on back of slab?

Yes. We could do it on quartz slab.

6.When and where will you load the quartz slabs?

Usually we will finish the production after 15 to 20 days after we received the deposit and load them at XIAMEN port, China. 

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