China Unshui Quartz Bathroom Countertops

SS3088 Unshui Tone & Figure Consistent Flatness <0.1mm Angle <0.2mm Density 2.3~2.5g/cm3

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China Unshui Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Many homeowners want quartz that looks like marble without the detailed maintenance. Some quartz have styles that closely resemble marble, and they also have the durability of manufactured stone. These are practical choices for those who want the look of marble in a more durable form. There are plenty of colours available, and these countertops can even be found in  sky blue and apple red.

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SS3088 Unshui




Quartz slab: 3000 X 1400mm, 3000 X 1600mm, 3200 X 1600mm, 3200 x 1650mm, etc.

Quartz cut-to-size: 1200mm X 1200mm, 1200mm X 800mm, 800mm X 800mm, 600 X 600mm, 600 X   300mm, 300 X 300mm, etc.

Quartz countertop: 25.5"X96", 26"X96", 25.5"X108",   26.5"X108", 28"X96", 28"X108".

Quartz island: 96"X36", 76"X36", 98"X42",   76"X42", 86"X42".

Quartz vanity top: 25"X22", 31"X22", 37"X22",   49"X22", 61"X22".


15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm.


1 container.

Surely we can give you a discount if large quantity.

Standard Exporting Seaworthy Bundles

( For tiles: plastic film and foam; Outer: Solid Wood crates or pallets.)

Chinese best competive artificial quartz stone: Packaging Details:WOOD BOX OR PALLET


Shipped in 15 days after payment

Quartz material is very hard and durable. Because it is not a porous material, the quartz countertop resists moisture, bacteria, and dirt. Quartz is an excellent choice if hygiene is one of your kitchen priorities. The closed pores inhibit the growth of moulds and bacteria. Pores can also track liquids which can harbour bacteria. This helps create the low-maintenance surface quartz countertops are known for.

About us:

“SUMMERLY QUARTZ” of THINKING Industries Corporation efforts to build a high-end quartz brand. Our factory, located in “The World of Stone” Shuitou, is a leading and reliable company specializes in research & development, production, sales and service as one of the modern large artificial quartz manufacturing enterprises, aiming to produce China top quality artificial quartz stone.

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