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The Countertop Of The Cabinet, Is The Quartz Stone Underlay Enough?

Apr 16, 2019

Nowadays, almost every household cabinet is decorated withEngineered Quartz Stone Countertops , which is a product tested by life practice. Its performance and security are unquestionable. So this is the safest way to choose the countertop.

Of course, there are stainless steel countertops, similar to the consoles used by canteen chefs. Most people think that stainless steel countertops are durable. It is actually a kind of mental function. It feels that metal is definitely more durable than stones. In fact, this is related to the use of the situation, and cannot be based on material quality. Generally, stainless steel countertops are mostly used at a thickness of about 1 mm. When thick, the countertops lose their resilience. When the glass and ceramic products in the kitchen are placed, they are easily broken. So not the thicker the better. The rest lies in the careful degree of construction, the smoothness of the solder joints, and so on.

There is also a small amount of natural stone, this does not need to consider, it is really good looking, but the characteristics of natural stone is that the gap is too large, easy to penetrate the stain, and very brittle. It is rarely used. The basics commonly used are the granite series, which are much more durable than marble. The marble color is beautiful, but it is extremely durable. Compared with quartz stone, the above two are the most durable and most affordable. Marble is in need of maintenance, and the average family is still forgetting.

Of course, the log countertops look good. It is still cautious for the ordinary people who often cook. Although it looks good, unless you don't cook or eat very little, one day you will find deformation or moldy things happen.

Ordinary household quartz stone is almost 1.5 cm, is it thin or thick? Some people may feel that 1.5 is a bit thin, and more money to make a thickness of two centimeters. In fact, there is a trick here.

Pay attention to the installation diagram of the cabinet. The table is the same as the cabinet with a layer of 18mm. This is the door. Then install 1.5cm quartz on the top of the board. In fact, the thickness of your counter is already three centimeters thick. It is stronger and more affordable than you use two centimeters of quartz stone.

If you set the cabinet, pay attention to the details of the pad, how can this cracking problem occur? Of course, most merchants are not willing to tell you about the need of the house. Like the decoration, it is money for you to think more. Then you are not willing to save money, so that the transaction can not be done, it is better not to tell you, the price is low, the transaction is fast. Therefore, you must understand the owners, let the cabinets be customized to give you a pad under the quartz stone countertops .