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Recommendations For Quartz Tile Installation

Jan 29, 2019

Tile installation for quartz tiles can be a nightmare if you don't follow the necessary recommendations due to the low porosity of quartz. If you use incorrect adhesive, one terrible thing that may happen to your beautiful quartz tiles is several tiles popping up from the floor or wall. Engineered Quartz  are made of 90-95% natural quartz sand and bonded together with polyester resin. As we all know, polyester contracts and dilates sronger than natural stone, thus attentions should be paid during the quartz tiles installation.


What most manufacturers recommend for quartz tile installation are as follows:


1.  Cleaning the surface: Make sure the installation area is clean (without dust and other debris), smooth, free of cracks and stable to guarantee the perfect setting for the tiles.


2.  Preparing the adhesive: Prepare correct adhesive, basically it should be a two component adhesive without water, or it is better to use latex liquid. The mix should follow this order: the liquid latex component go first and second the powder component, do not switch the order.


3.  Spread an even flat layer of the adhesive on the tiling area, thickness not more than 5 mm.


4.   Comb the flat even layer of adhesive with the notched side of the trowel to help the tiles fit in perfectly and securely.


5.  Also in order to get better results, you should also spread some adhesive on the back of the tile before laying it in place. Make sure you time these operations correctly, make sure the adhesive is not too dry ...


6.  Use rubber mallet to help adjust the tile when fitting it in place


7.  Use flexible cement based grout for the joint area.