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Quartz Stone Surface, Embedding New Decorative Ideas

Aug 30, 2019

As innovative ideas become part of men’ everyday life, nowadays, not only in public places, but also in home decoration, there will be various shapes and types of home decorations that impact everyone's vision. It all comes from our thinking and we can do it.


At present, the application of stone is more and more extensive in home decoration. In the face of the country's increasingly strict control of the exploitation of natural stone, and people's misunderstanding of natural stone has a certain line of damage to the human body (due to the radioactivity of some natural stones), Therefore, natural stone is more used for outdoor decoration. With the advent of artificial stone products, it better compensates for the shortage of indoor stone, but the hardness of artificial stone is easy to be scratched. In the search for better substitutes, the appearance of quartz stone can fully show the beauty of stone decoration. Bring us a new decorative thinking.


Summerly Quartz stone is made by 93% quartz sand and 7% resin and other binders. It is also called artificial stone. Because quartz stone plate contains more than 90% (less than 90% is unqualified, the resin is strong and will reduce the hardness) quartz sand is called quartz stone by quartz stone manufacturers, and it is independent in artificial stone products. The quartz stone plate is colorful and has a smooth surface, no holes and no small cracks. The plate is formed to a density of up to 2.6g/cm3 under vacuum high pressure and high vibration state; the hardness can reach Mohs hardness of 6 or above (the household iron can not cause any damage to the surface of the plate), and the water absorption rate is only 0.03%. Zero (so that the liquid can not penetrate the inside of the board), the production of raw materials is strictly controlled, the sheet itself reaches non-toxic and non-radiative zero formaldehyde.


Because quartz stone has the plasticity and rich color of artificial stone (can be artificially modulated), and has the hardness of natural stone, it has many advantages such as corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and anti-penetration, so the appearance of quartz stone better compensates. The lack of decorative market stone. Because the price of quartz stone is higher than other stone materials in the early stage, it has not been fully applied to the whole decoration. With the continuous improvement of the production technology and production capacity of quartz stone in China, the price of quartz stone will be more friendly. As decorative designers have become more and more popular with quartz stone, quartz stone has been widely used in hotels, hotels, public places, villa floors, wall coverings, window sills, cabinet countertops and various shapes.