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Quartz Stone Is A Stone Industry Will Open Up A New Atmosphere

Feb 03, 2016

Initially, the only quartz surface applications requiring high cabinets countertops, furniture table, laboratory table. With economic development and market further matures, more foreign ground, walls, furniture and other fields to start using quartz, such as various large hotels, luxury homes, landmarks, quartz is becoming an alternative to natural stone .

Quartz use customers are constantly changing, from the traditional wholesaler to a real estate development company, and then to building decoration companies, more and more people join the consumer trend to quartz. International customers generally believed quartz products of high hardness, high-end, compared to natural stone may have more design and environmentally friendly, no radiation, although the market share of the largest stone or granite, but quartz is the future trend, and soon the future will replace most of the natural stone, quartz stone is now in short supply in the global market, this situation will continue for at least five to ten years.