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Quartz - Variety And Differential

Feb 03, 2016

Crystal most 60% of the ingredients are "silica" (sio2), crystal color is due in addition to silica, but also contains a variety of trace metals caused. In the natural environment inside, most will work with mineral crystal calcite, pyrite, pyroxene iron ore, mica colors, Monique, granite, rutile "symbiotic", and formed a number of plausible suspect magic scene, That so-called "crystal Vision", adds the fun and value of the collection of crystal.

Most crystal is grown in the end, the process requires a lot of growth saturated groundwater source of silica, at a temperature between 550-600 ℃, and the need is greater than atmospheric pressure two to three times the pressure, after a long period of time , it will become hexagonal column (hexagonalsystem) crystal.