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Differences And Relations Crystals And Quartz Stone

Feb 03, 2016

This article explains the relationship between crystal and quartz, some people say, is the quartz crystal, it was said crystal is a crystal, quartz stone quartz stone, it is not the same. So in the end they make any difference what kind of relationship it, Crystal is a colorless and transparent quartz crystal minerals large. Well-developed quartz single crystal hexagonal pyramid, pure and transparent quartz crystal called, usually white, gray, white, showing purple, red, tobacco, tea, and other color-containing impurities. Crystal and the main component is the "silica" (sio2), and "silicon" (silica) is constituent of the earth's crust than about 65% of the most important minerals; which also contains a variety of trace metals, and will therefore result variety of different colors of crystal. Crystal growth environment, mostly in the ground, caves, you need to have a rich source of groundwater, groundwater saturated with the addition of silica, so as mineral water containing crystal-like trace elements, trace elements and these positive It is necessary for the body, like drinking mineral water can be added as trace elements. There are some benefits.