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Caring For The Health Of Employees

Sep 14, 2020

Caring for the health of employees

In order to further care for the health of employees, early inspection, early detection and early treatment of health problems are achieved. Fujian Xinqi Co., Ltd. organized its employees from August 31 to September 1 to start the 2020 employee physical examination.


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Paying attention to the health of employees has always been an important task of the company. To this end, the company organizes employees to conduct health checkups for all employees each year. The inspection items cover 25 items including internal medicine and surgery, blood indicators, electrocardiogram and B-ultrasound.


After the employee’s physical examination, the hospital will also make a detailed analysis of the physical examination data, and at the same time give targeted treatment recommendations, summarize the physical examination report, and feed it back to the employees, helping employees to achieve early detection, early treatment, and early control of the disease, and guarantee the employees’ A healthier body and more energy to work.


As a welfare for employees, employee health check-up is a manifestation of the company's care for employees and good deeds for employees. The employees turn the company's care into the driving force of their work, based on their positions, strive for perfection, and work hard to help the development of the company.