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Cabinet Environmentally Friendly Materials - Quartz

Feb 03, 2016

Environmental popular furniture materials, then how to choose environmentally friendly furniture materials is the problem we are considering. And now more popular an environmentally friendly material quartz stone is widely used in cabinets.

As we all know natural stone mixed with heavy metals and radioactive elements. The quartz stone before artificial composite material is granular, rigorous dressing, washing and purifying treatment to remove impurities, free of heavy metal impurities, and not the presence of radioactive problems.

Anti-fade: quartz mineral-based colors, high anti-fading capability, partial irradiation contrast perennial not under strong sunlight, naked eye difficult to observe changes in color, can be considered basically does not fade material.

nti-aging: quartz stone materials containing complexing agent and high-quality anti-aging additives, it has a strong anti-aging ability, at room temperature, after many years of use is not substantially observed aging of the material.

Anti-corrosion: quartz stone countertops It has excellent chemical properties, corrosion resistance is artificial stone stone in the best performance, daily life is not enough to acid damage to the table. More acid performance compared to quartz stone and artificial stone.

Quartz stone countertops in the production process, according to "lotus effect" principle, the use of modern bionics technology, quartz countertops special surface treatment process, taking into account the effect of the two major health and beauty, dense non-porous surface to form a microscopic concave unique sense of texture, compared with the traditional rough surface artificial stone countertops (macro visual convex surface), is not easy to filth, bacteria and easier to clean.

Quartz cabinet is the best environmentally friendly materials, the use of quartz cupboard door, we should pay attention to the latter part of maintenance, good post-maintenance, can effectively extend the life of quartz stone.