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Artificial Stone Processing Flow

Feb 03, 2016

Artificial stone in the commercial and entertainment decoration, according to the public interests of people, to create a design suitable for mass tastes effect of making a variety of products under its own artificial stone beautiful bright highlights. In the hospital table, laboratory table, because artificial stone is extremely alkaline acid stone material, is widely used in many laboratories, and its surface is fine, seamless, accurate blocking bacterial invasion to meet the requirements of the sterile environment.

Stone processing process:

1 mining. Divided into two types of artificial mining and blasting mining.

2, the processing blocks. Mined large stones, called blocks, usually with a diamond disk saws sawing processed into slabs for marble, it can also be processed with a diamond saw.

3, sheet metal polishing. There are a variety of polishing equipment, from small to large walk-behind automatic have. The general use of silicon carbide as the abrasive.

4, trimming. Light board after trimming machine cut to desired sizes, the factory can be sold.

5, on-site processing. Sometimes at the construction site of the stone-site processing needs, such as the need piecemeal, Cutaway, which is generally used portable cutting machine for cutting.

6, special processing. In the above example, some require Stone drilling, milling, etc., generally used portable cutting machine, grinder for processing.

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