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Artificial Stone Countertops How Healthier Environment

Feb 03, 2016

Mainly used in artificial stone cabinet table, then artificial stone countertops how to buy healthy and environmentally friendly quartz is that people are more concerned about the topic.

1, with a variety of colors series:

Artificial stone with natural stone color and texture, can be divided into different series, each series has a variety of colors. When you purchase, you can choose texture, color and so a suitable artificial stone to match different home color and decoration quality.

2, seamless seamless:

When the long cabinet table or there is the corner stitching required. Using artificial stone countertops, not only cutting into various shapes, a combination of a variety of patterns on the corners of the process can also be done seamlessly stitching. After polishing process, it will bring unexpected results.

3, there is no color light weight:

Users need not worry about the purchase of artificial stone because of the color and affect the cabinet effect. Artificial stone surface is not porous, oil, water stains difficult to infiltrate, stain resistance, easy to clean. Artificial stone processing from the powder made thinner, its own weight than natural stone lighter, the application can reduce the load-bearing cabinet and prolong life.

4, more environmentally friendly and healthy:

It is a man-made stone countertops made from natural ore powder, high-performance resins and natural pigments through vacuum casting or molding mineral filled polymer composite material, wherein the resin formulation technology contained functional additives, artificial stone countertops have decided excellent environmental resistance, direct contact with food, the best choice is to focus on environmentalists. At the same time also the artificial stone according to their favorite fashion style elements to design transformation, so also it realized embodied modern fashion.

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