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5G Promotes Domestic Quartz Products To Accelerate The Step Of Replacing Imports

Jul 19, 2019

From the perspective of the international trade, quartz industry trade friction in the short term will promote domestic quartz products to accelerate the replacement of international imported quartz products, and to speed up the process of localization. As a leading enterprise in the quartz products industry, our company will lead the Quartz Stone  products industry localization process to promote China's quartz industry and to develop the downstream industries, such as fiber industry and semiconductor industry, which also brings new opportunities for the rapid development of the company. 

Secondly, from the situation of market demand, in the next few years, the demand of Fiber Business will continue to increase due to the high-speed development of Mobile InternetData Center, Cloud Computing and Internet of things. As the global cross-border fiber optic cable is entering a period of old and new replacement, there triggering another construction peak. The Belt and Road will bring a historic opportunity for China's fiber optic cable industry.

  2019 is the first year of 5G, operators will continue to carry out 5G pilot. At the meanwhilewith the insurance of 5G licenses, 10 million base stations shall be built for the national coverage of 5G.Demand of fiber optic cables is expected to grow significantly. Thus, quartz material as an important part of the semiconductor industry chain, is expected to maintain a high growth rate in the next few years. Especially under the deep impact of Sino-US trade war and the acceleration of the process of domestication of semiconductor industry, the further expansion of domestic semiconductor market demand, the further expansion of domestic quartz industry development space based on domestic substitution, and the support of national policy of market demand and domestication of semiconductor, the industry The growth trend of using quartz materials as the material for semiconductor will be more obvious.