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Why ordinary artificial stone replaced by quartz stone?

Dec 12, 2017

The perfect combination of natural beauty and high-tech, with the advent of artificial stone products so that people have a deeper understanding of the progress of science and technology not only for building materials products, building materials and changed the mode of production, so that the relationship between people and the environment more harmonious. Artificial stone products have gradually entered into every family, become the cabinet table standard.

Artificial stone probably can be divided into ordinary artificial stone and quartz stone, quartz stone structure due to differences in composition and characteristics of the common artificial stone is relatively large, quartz stone factory in artificial stone series separation.


Quartz stone to ensure high hardness, natural stone, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, easy cleaning based on no any harmful to the human body of the radioactive elements. The surface of the plate even harder than granite, rich color like marble, glass like structure anti pollution. Because of the advantages of quartz stone, has become the cabinet table choice.

Quartz stone is rapidly occupy the entire market table, then the application market of common artificial stone will gradually reduce? But the things we do not think so. The artificial stone is of artificial aluminum / calcium powder board, acrylic artificial stone processing collectively, exquisite shape, mainly arc, special processing and absolute seamless splicing the problems in use, easy repair, repolished and bright as new. Is currently more used in tooling and home front and other production.

Quartz or ordinary artificial stone belong to brittle polymer composites. They all have some characteristics of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage. Therefore, in processing or installation, we should take account of the characteristics of the material itself and avoid unnecessary troubles at later stage.