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Why does quartz stone crack?(II)

Sep 26, 2020

In the last issue, we shared 3 reasons for the cracking of quartz countertops. In this issue, we will continue to explain the other 5 reasons.

  1. Cracks around the furnace hole: If there is no gap between the gas stove and the furnace hole during installation, the furnace hole is not polished and smooth, the four corners of the basin hole are not rounded or there are serrated marks. When there are the above installation errors, the quartz stone countertops are often prone to cracks due to external impact or uneven contraction of the temperature change

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  2. Cracking of the countertop or the skirt in front of the stove hole: The countertop or stove cabinet is installed normally, but when exposed to excessive gravity, such as artificial stepping, the countertop is easy to crack

  3. Cracking of the countertop: The countertop is not installed horizontally, resulting in uneven stress and easy cracking

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  4. Cracks in the connection between the countertop and the countertop: This situation is often caused by weak glue bonding

  5. Cracks in the center of the countertop: The countertop is likely to be cracked due to high temperature, external impact, uneven cabinets or pads, and internal injuries on the board. This situation is caused by lax quality control of the countertop in the processing process.