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Why does quartz stone crack?

Sep 18, 2020

Choosing quartz stone is the same as choosing most commodities. The quality of each price stage is different. For the same type of quartz stone, the difference in price can clearly reflect the difference in quality.

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Of course, high-quality quartz stone does not mean that you will never encounter quality problems. If the supplier or installer cuts corners or is not rigorous in the process of processing and installation, it is likely to crack after a period of use. Case. For example, the following:

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1. Cracking at the seam of the countertop: There is a situation when the worker is splicing, because the seam is not aligned, which causes the upper part to be small and the lower part to be large. The second case is that the glue is not evenly applied, or even F clamps are not used after the glue is applied. . The third situation is that excessive curing agent or accelerator is added to the glue, which makes the seam weak. These conditions will cause the countertop to crack when it is slightly impacted during use;

2. Cracks at the corners: the table top is too tight against the wall without shrinkage joints, the height between the two cabinets is uneven, and the front corner is right angles causing internal stress concentration. When the table is impacted by an external force or the temperature changes, uneven shrinkage of the table will crack;

3. Cracks on the periphery of the above counter basin: There is no gap between the above counter basin and the basin hole, the basin hole is not smooth enough, the four corners of the basin hole are not completely rounded or there are jagged marks. In the above cases, the table surface is affected by external force or temperature When the quartz stone countertop shrinks unevenly, it is easy to crack;