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Why China’s Quartz Stone Market Enters “Brand Competition” Era?

Dec 20, 2017

With Ten Years of Rapid Development for Artificial Quartz Stone field. China’s Quartz Stone Industry’s scale,number of people engaged,production capacity and technical level all have great improvement. Quartz Stone Industry in China have a great position in World’s quartz stone field.
Brand.jpgChina’s Quartz market experienced from scratch,from weak to strong.Have great potential and face fierce competition.

With the rapid development of quartz Stone industry.The
industry standard is increase regulated,technology and product types increase greatly.But accompanying with fierce competition and bottleneck.

At present,most of quartz stone are manufactured in quartz stone factories small factory or work shop which makes many quartz stone without good quality.For some large enterprise,especially big company devote themself to produce high-end quartz stonetheir quartz stone quality is good.

With the government’s latest environmental policy, China's quartz stone industry faces the situation of re-shuffling,the brand competition come around.

For this brand competition,the quality comes first rather than to the price.Some factories with good quality stand out.

The fierce competition in quartz stone factories shows the vigorous and prosperous spiritual outlook of Chinas quartz stone market.The quartz stone market in the future is truly live by quality and innovation.If the factory want to live,pay attention to them!