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Where is the main places of Quartz Sand in China?

Jan 23, 2019

Summerly Quartz Stone always choose the best quality of raw material to make sure our Quartz Stone  with the best quality. So it is very important for us to know more about the raw material.

China is well known as a country with vast territory and abundant resources. And have a lot of Quartz Sand resource but actually unevenly distributed.Mainly distribute in Provinces like An’hui ,Shandong and Hubei.

Proportion of Quartz Sand national wide.On a national scale,Lianyungang from Jiangsu province,Fengyang from An’hui province,Lingshou from Hebei province,Heyuan from Guangdong province are the main raw material producing area.These areas cover 80% of Quartz Sand market.The purity of raw quartz sand and large output is very high and renowned nationally.

Fengyang Quartz Sand is one of the most famous producing area.It is located in An’hui province.Fengyang has a rich Quartz sand resources.The coverage area up to 80 square kilometers.

The reserves up to 10000000000 tons and the content of Silicon dioxide reach 99%.The reserves rank top 10 in China.China Building Materials Industry Association and China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association award Fengyang with tile “Chinese well-qualified quartz base county” in 2005.

  Ahu Town from Suzhou Province.The mines are richly endowed with resources.Like Natural crystal quartz ,Quartz Sand,Rutile etc.Natural Crystal account for 1/6 of the whole nation.And Crystal process with long history and excellent workmanship.It is called Home of Chinese Crystal.Not only crystal but also quartz sand is very famous here. The reserves up to 2.3 billion tons.And the content of Silicon Dioxide in Quartz Sand is 99.8%!It is the premium excellent Quartz Sand producing area in China.

  Good quality of raw material is the only way to guarantee the quality of Quartz Sand. Except purchase from China’s best Quartz sand area we also purchasing from India in order to make sure the quality. For us,quality is not a choice but a must.