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What's the difference between Marble and Quartz Surface?

Jun 17, 2019

Rencently artificial quartz brand continues to increasing, many fake and shoddy artificial quartz stone  emerge in endlessly. Many businesses will take advantage of consumers' lack of understanding of the product, through fake anti-counterfeiting spray code, parallel goods impersonate real goods. Next, the editor will introduce the difference between marble and quartz.The difference between marble and quartz as below:

1. Performance characteristics of natural marble

The method has the advantages that the lines are clear, the glossiness is good, and the color of the material is made out of the quartz stone and the artificial stone.

Disadvantages: stone color is poor, radiation is large, internal holes, easy to mold.

Natural marble is less used in kitchen countertops or oil-rich places, mainly used in bathroom countertops, windowsill, doorstone and other places.

2. Performance characteristics of artificial marble

Has the advantages that the seamless splicing is seamless, the texture is more delicate, the environment-friendly is not easy to penetrate, and the processing modeling is easy.

Disadvantages: the material is easy to scrape, the water quality is easy to permeate, easy to mildew pollution, the resin content is high, is not resistant to high temperature.

The artificial marble is a marble made by means of a technical means, although the marble is good in color, it is not natural marble, and the number of natural marble is not a lot.

3. Properties and characteristics of quartz

Advantages: more high temperature resistance, anti-aging, not easy to scrape, lasting beauty, antivirus, no radiation, surface lasting bright.

Disadvantages: the price is higher than artificial stone, and Quartz Stone  hardness is strong, processing is difficult, the shape is relatively single, there will be gaps in the joint.

The quality of quartz is related to the content of resin to a certain extent. the lower the resin, the higher the quality, which is closer to nature and is not easy to deform. Quartz is thicker than 15mm, while artificial marble is thicker than 12mm.

The difference between marble and quartz is here. I hope it will help you.