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What makes Quartz Stone with High Hardness and impervious?

Nov 30, 2018

For peple who is engaged in stone products,when they talk about artificial Quartz Stone  they will blurt out:Scratch resistance, pollution resistance,High temperature resistance,Non-toxic radiation,but in most case they don’t know why quartz stone with these advantages.

Let’s uncover the reason.

1-Raw material with high hardness,which is naturally hard

Firstly,we have to know what’s the raw material for Quartz Stone. That is Quartz.Quartz is one of the mayor minerals,the key component is SiO2.Quartz’s physical and chemical properties are very stable.Quartz crystal is extremely hard,the hardness is only second to diamond in the nature.The Mohs hardness reach 7.0.,it is far surplus metal material like iron and steel etc.

Kitchens With Grey Quartz Countertops

2-Advanced Processing Lines

In the Quartz Stone market,good brand quartz stone factory have high-end machine.Quartz stone undergo process like Vacuum,high temperature, high pressure,high vibration and finally turn into one perfect quartz slab.Summerly Quartz Stone is just like this.With very good quality and high hardness. Very suitable to process into kitchen countertop,table top,flooring and wall cladding etc.Not easy to get scratch and very easy to clean.

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3.    High end machine.

Jumbo size pressure machine.

Summerly Quartz Stone use machine with latest technology.The slab bending degree is 20Mpa and anti pressure reach 150 Mpa.

Jumbo size drying oven with constant temperature to dry slabs

Summerly quartz stone use imported jumbo size oven to make the slabs harder and more compact,so that the slab reach Mohs hardness 7.

4.    Anti-dirty treatment.

Summerly Quartz Stone pay great attention to environment protection.

5.    Polish with high brightness

Summerly Quartz Stone use advance polish machine. The machine with 32 grinding heads which make the slab with high brightness and stable.

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For Summerly Quartz Stone,To be the top Quartz Stone manufacturer in China is our