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What is the best material for the kitchen countertop?

Jun 02, 2020

The countertop materials of the whole cabinet include quartz stone countertops, natural stone countertops, artificial stone countertops, refractory plate countertops and stainless steel countertops, do you know that some countertops are the most environmentally friendly? Below, I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of various countertops!

1.Natural stone countertop

Natural stone refers to the general name of materials that are mined from natural rock and processed into blocks or plates. The natural stones used for building decoration are mainly granite and marble.


1. Rich color, soft texture, natural and diverse texture, easy to cut or engrave;

2. Large hardness, good wear resistance, and minor scratches will not be particularly conspicuous.


1. It may break in case of heavy blow or local high temperature;

2. Because the stone is a porous material structure, it is difficult to clean if dirt and sewage penetrate into the production, transportation or construction;

3. It must be mentioned that some granites are radioactive;

4. There are seams on the surface, which are difficult to repair and easy to hide dirt and dirt.

5. Some invisible natural cracks will also crack when the temperature changes rapidly;

6. Natural stone has high brittleness, and it cannot be used to make a table with a width larger than 1 meter.


Some materials of natural stone may be radioactive and do not meet the requirements of environmental protection. If no special process is carried out, it may cause harm to the human body, so it is best to do radiation testing when choosing.

2 Stainless steel countertop

Stainless steel is the traditional raw material used in home cabinets and kitchen workbenches. Generally, a thin layer of stainless steel is added to the surface of the high-density fireproof board.


1. Sturdy, easy to clean, and practical.


1. The appearance gives a metal-like cold feeling;

2. Single color, lacking the color of other cabinet countertops;

3. The corner parts and joints also lack reasonable and effective treatment methods;

4. Once scratched by a sharp weapon, it will leave irreparable traces;

5. The countertops of domestic stainless steel cabinets are prone to oxidation;

6. The countertop price of imported stainless steel cabinets is higher.


If the home decoration style does not emphasize industrial style, choose stainless steel countertops carefully.

3.Quartz countertop

Quartz stone countertops are made of broken glass and quartz sand. The advantage of quartz stone is that it is abrasion-resistant and not afraid of scratching. It has good heat resistance and can be laid on a large area to be attached to the wall. It can be used as a variety of kitchen and bathroom countertops. The stitching is seamless and durable.


1. It is more wear-resistant, acid-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and has strong functions of impact resistance, pressure resistance, bending resistance, and penetration resistance;

2. There are no pores on the surface, oil stains and water stains are not easy to penetrate into it, and the stain resistance is strong;

3. It can also be bonded at any length, and it is integrated, without worrying about the tabletop breaking;

4. Easy maintenance and cleaning, once and for all, high cost performance;

5. It is not easy to be scratched and burned, which is very suitable for daily use;

6. The surface material is non-radiative, and it is a green and environmentally friendly product with a high environmental protection factor. It is a natural food grade table.


1. The hardness is too strong, it is not easy to process, and the shape is too simple.


It seems that quartz stone is the most reliable. Everyone must be careful when choosing cabinet panels!