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Water Mark of Quartz

Aug 26, 2020

Water mark is a common problem faced by the quartz stone industry. No factory can confidently say that it can completely solve the problem of water mark. In fact, it is not that your product has no water mark, but customers can accept it. All the pebbles are available on all boards, but it is easier to detect on the light-colored boards, while other colors and particle boards, the mottling watermark is not obvious, so everyone thinks that there is no water mark.

full slab

There is no scientific qualitative determination of how the variegated watermark is produced. Various manufacturers and experts hold their own opinions. It is still in the stage of perceptual knowledge, and there are few that have truly risen to rational knowledge. The so-called perceptual knowledge means that each uses its own methods to solve the problem of mitigating water marks. Each draws its own conclusions, and then compares the "testimonies" of several parties and found that there are many contradictions.

Calacatta V012 Vagli-2

Summarizing from a theoretical perspective, the most fundamental cause of the problem of water printing spots is the uneven distribution of materials, which leads to chromatic aberration. There are many reasons for the unevenness, such as the difference in the formation of the mixer, the difference in the material ratio, the length of the waiting time of the material in the production process, the discoloration, the uneven formation of the material when it is distributed into the blank, the uneven pressure of the press, and the difference in temperature. To control this difference, we must not only rely on accurate formula calculations, but also a scientific management system to minimize material differences.