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Two problems in quartz stone

Nov 29, 2019

One. Impurities


Phenomenon: the board surface is not the raw material required by the model.


Cause analysis: 

1. Brought in from raw materials: brought in from raw materials, brought in during weighing, and the loaded bag was not cleaned.


2. In the process of production: in the process of color paste weighing, in the process of mixing (impurities are brought in when pouring, impurities are brought in when the mixer is not clean), in the environment (impurities floating in the air), in the process of cloth (mainly gloves).



1. The impurities in the raw materials must be selected, the weighing place must be cleaned, and the loaded bags must be cleaned (if necessary, bagging).


2. Clean up the sanitation on the mixing platform, and pay attention to whether the gloves are clean when distributing the cloth.


3. Clean the mixer and its surrounding sanitation before production.




Two. Paste pressing


Phenomenon: two or more colors of the polychrome board appear intermediate color and uneven.


Cause analysis:

 1. The vibration force of the press is uneven.


2. The vibration time is too long.


3. Resin content is too high.



1. Adjust the parameters of the press to make the vibration of the press synchronous.


2. Reduce the vibration time properly.


3. Reduce the amount of resin properly.