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The quality of quartz stone, mainly manifested in which aspects?

Oct 24, 2017

The quality of quartz stone, mainly manifested in which aspects?

        QUARTZ STONE is one of the most ideal cabinet countertops materials. Quartz stone is composed of quartz sand as the main filler (Sio2 reached 99.9%), the unsaturated epoxy resin is used as binder, and stir it, through the high pressure and high vibration to be formed

         As the content of quartz in the stone is as high as 93%, the quartz stone manufacturer separated from the artificial stone product called quartz stone. quartz stone.jpgThe surface of quartz stone is smooth without scratches, non-porous and highly resistant to stains, colorful, after finishing the form like artificial stone as perfect. Compared with other materials, quartz has the advantages of wear-resisting, scratch-resistant, high temperature resistance, penetration and colorless difference.

       The quality of quartzite is mainly manifested in the aspects of the stone.The quality of quartz materials directly affects the quality of the slab, quartz sand is divided into several grades and the price is several times the difference. In addition, the ratio of raw materials, the content of quartz sand in the slab will affect its hardness directly if it is below 90%.

       The main reason for influencing the quality of the slab is the production equipment. At present, the production process of quartz stone is mainly die-casting, and the tonnage of the press is the key to the quality of the sheet. In quartz production, each square force should be above 60 tonnage (the negative pressure should be above 98 in vacuum), and the density of the slab should be 2.3g/c m cubed.

       For those who have long run the stone and stone industry, they can distinguish from the appearance, even if it can't be seen outside, the material can be felt in the process.

       Then we end users should how to distinguish? In fact, differences in the quality of quartz stone slab is the main material hardness, we can adapt to the iron such as keys, a fruit knife to scratch the surface of the plate. As a result of hard white scratch is not qualified, because white scratch is material powder. If black scratches are acceptable, Because quartz is second to diamond in hardness, its hardness is higher than iron, and the black scratches that appear are the color of iron.