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The pros and cons of the quartz plate

Feb 03, 2016

Quartz stone surface smooth, flat and no scratches retention, dense non-porous material structure such that bacteria can not hide, can be in direct contact with food, safe and nontoxic. The use of selected high-quality natural quartz stone quartz mineral crystallization in an amount of more than 99.9% SiO2, and in the manufacturing process to the complex purification, the raw material does not contain any heavy metal impurities may lead to radiation, 94% quartz and other crystals the resin additive such quartz is no danger of radiation contamination.

Of course, the quartz is not perfect, it still exists shortcomings. Because quartz stone countertops, the hardness is too strong, difficult process, if there is need to place mosaic, patchwork is no way to completely avoid. Meanwhile, some do modeling there is no way to achieve perfect results. And place seam can be seen, the other is the domestic manufacturers to develop quartz uneven, some good quality, some manufacturers poor quality, customer quality quartz stone identification is not mature, easy to buy poor quality quartz, also higher than the average market price of artificial stone.