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The influence factor of countertop’s quality

Jun 07, 2018

When the countertop appears problem, everybody always blames the reason for quartz stone slab’s quality problem.

However, the investigation shows, the responsibility is in the processing step, like the most of cracks are caused by improper opening of holes.

The same as other kitchen countertops, quartz countertop is also composed of platform countertop, splash, basin hole, hearth hole, gas pipe hole.

The quality of installation and use of the product is determined by the precision of these processes

What problems should be noted when operating:

Cutting (the original slab cutting) Read the drawing carefully, calculate the material, and compare the color difference and thickness of the slab used, In order not to affect the appearance of the countertop after installation

Splicing process in addition to deal with the edge, angle and surface polishing treatment, also note glue mixing, the manufacturers should use original resin adhesive, should according to the field temperature when mixing glue in proportion to allocate, and should be taken before bonding plate to avoid color difference or glue line.

Cut-out is the last step in the surface processing, which is the most crucial step, countertop hole to smooth, cannot have a saw tooth shape, can't be a simple rectangular, arc rounded corners to make it, and polishing processing, in order to avoid late had caused stress points in the opening mesa craze. Before cutting the hole, we must communicate with the customer about the size. Some customers have already bought the platform basin and kitchen utensils themselves to avoid dimension error.

So choosing good quartz face plate, the quality of processing installation craft also affects the user experience of consumer directly.