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The difference between monochrome quartz stone and two-tone quartz stone

Jan 24, 2019

Quartz stone now is very popular. it is currently one of the most ideal cabinet countertop materials, but also the highest use rate of countertop materials.The colors of artificial quartz stone  are monochromatic, two-color, three-color, four-color, five-color, six-color and other colors. Among them, monochromatic and two-color quartz stones are sold on the market. The color, price and manufacturing process of monochrome quartz stone and two-color quartz stone are very different. 

1. the background color is different

  The biggest difference between monochromatic quartz stone and two-color quartz stone is that the bottom color is different. Monochrome quartz stone has only one background color, and two-color Quartz Stone  has two different color background colors, which has nothing to do with the glass and mosaic particles on the board.

2.the price is different

  Quartz stone is a common new artificial stone, the price is not high, but if it is very beautiful, the price is relatively high. Both monochromatic quartz and two-tone quartz have the same quality, but their color is different, so the price of two-color quartz will be higher than that of monochromatic quartz.

3.different manufacturing processes

The artificial quartz stone is made of quartz sand powder as the main filler, unsaturated polyester resin as the binder, high pressure pressing under vacuum condition, and shaped under high temperature. Monochrome artificial quartz stone products are monotonous in color, only one mixer can be produced during production, and two mixers are needed in the production process of two-color quartz stone, which can be made by mixing two colors of materials,the manufacturing technique is comparatively harder.