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The Considerations Of Using Quartz Countertop

Jan 15, 2019

In recent years, quartz stone are becoming one of the most popular materials in the countertop market because of its high hardness, corrosion resistance, high temperature, difficult to bleed, and other excellent characteristics. Yet many problems may still appear when we use it, such as stains, scratches, and cracks. However, this is not the problem of quartz stone itself, sometimes it is the way how people use it.


Hence, we suggest attention should be paid to these matters when using quartz countertops .

1.The phenomenon of bleeding.

Quartz stone is hard with water absorption of only 0.02% that it is almost zero, so difficult to be bleeded. And sometimes special treatment and anti-fouling treatment have been done on the quartz surfaces. So please do not scratch the surface with sharp tools, do not cut and chop directly on the quartz stone, which will damage the protective layer and lead to other problems.


2.Be heated for a long time.

The main raw materials of quartz stone are quartz sand and resin. So do not place hot pots and other hot containers on the surface for a long time. Because the temperature of the hot containers is well over 100 degrees. As a result, the quartz surface may shrink and there will be marks leaved on it.

3. Cleaning considerations.

If the oil, salt, vinegar and other materials are spilled on the countertops, please clean it in time, otherwise stains will appear on the surfaces.

Do not use wire ball to clean the countertops in case of scratches. If the surface is hard to clean, neutral detergent or soapy water should be used, and the cleaning should be done with a dry rag.


Same products used in different ways will result in different service life. To extend the lifetime of goods, daily care and regular maintenance are inseparable.