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The Advantage of Using Quartz Stone as Cabinet Material

Dec 25, 2017

Now on the market there are a lot of cabinets, cabinets of different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Quartz stone is a new cabinet material gradually accepted by people. Quartz stone as a green decorative stone, it is more and more used in the decoration now, but also like by a lot of decoration designers of all ages. What is the advantage of quartz stone cabinet compared with traditional wood cabinet? Why quartz stone will replace the traditional wooden cabinets? We could see the advantages of using quartz stone as cabinet material from following points: 

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  • Clean: It is a headache to clean the kitchen for fumes, and it takes a lot of time to clean it. Quartz stone surface is smooth, without any pores and small cracks so that stains are nowhere to hide, use water to quickly clean, for stubborn stains can also be easily done with soapy water.

  • Mildew: The kitchen is one of the most humid areas in the home. Wooden panels are more susceptible to moldy bacteria in wet conditions. Not only affects the appearance, but also the food stored in the cabinet will have an impact. But the quartz stone cabinet, because there is no able to trigger the growth of bacteria, there will be no mildew possible. Quartz stone water absorption of 0.02%, we do not need to worry about the water will infiltrate or soak, because the quartz itself is damp and waterproof.

  • Environmental Protection: wooden cabinets are generally made of wood bonded by chemical glue, more or less contains harmful ingredients, such as we often hear of formaldehyde, etc. But the quartz stone cabinet, the production process using quartz sand and resin under high pressure, does not contain any ingredients that may cause environmental pollution. Quartz has been listed as a national green decorative stone.