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How to make the Quartz Stone Splicing?

Mar 01, 2018

Quartz stone is widely used in decoration because of its noble, elegant and light discernible effect.A fly in the ointment is that comprised of the splicing hasn't been a good way to handle it.

The hardness of quartz stone is mohs 7, second only to diamond, so it is difficult to achieve seamless splicing in processing.

There are several steps in the seamless construction process of quartz stone.

1. The splicing mouth shall be spliced with inclined surface to avoid stitching.Choose the same color resin glue from stone quartz manufacturers to improve the whole feeling. Before use, it should be used with the plate to achieve the best visual effect.

2. Apply the resin glue evenly and use F clip or A clip for fixation.The glue will bulge because of the squeeze, which is not to be busy with the removal of the glue due to a certain degree of shrinkage.

3. Using polishing and polishing and filling agent, make it a horizontal plane with quartz stone and increase the overall sense of stone.Grinding and polishing can be used to use granite special polishing machine, from 50-3000 mesh water grinding sheet from coarse to fine grinding, resulting in a bright and smooth plate.

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