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Quartz processing steps and techniques

Jul 03, 2019

In the field of decoration, quartz stone has been favored by more and more designers, and the application field has become more and more extensive, from the initial cabinet countertop to the current floor, wall and even decorative shape. As we said before, although quartz stone belongs to artificial stone products, there is a big difference in hardness and toughness between quartz stone and ordinary artificial stone, so the processing method is also quite different from ordinary artificial stone.

The processing of artificial quartz stone can be said to test the technology of each stone processing person. In the process of processing, it may be irreparable "missing regret". In fact, the processing requirements of quartz stone are in principle the same as the processing of natural stone, especially similar to natural granite and granite. Operators of quartz stone are best experienced in processing natural stone. Operators who have experience in processing general-purpose artificial stone but without processing natural stone must in principle be trained to operate.

For the complex artistic modeling of quartz stone, the technique of the processing master is important, but now many complicated processes can be completed with sophisticated instruments and equipment.


For those who do not have any processing experience, only the equipment can not be made into a good shaped stone. Let's talk about the common round counter bottom arc and the front of the Roman side. First, we correspond to the height of the back water and the thickness of the front Roman side on the drawing, according to the required size. Then it is cumulatively pasted to a certain height. Pasting is the most important step, and it is also the most technically demanding for the master. This is related to whether the glue line will appear after polishing. The final step is to polish, you can use the numerical control equipment to select the desired shape grinding head for water grinding. Quartz Stone  will be whitened after being polished, it is impossible to repair the original luster, will the Roman side also lose color?