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Quartz and quartz stone countertops how to distinguish

Feb 03, 2016

For quartz people are very understanding, but for Crystal people have always felt noble feeling, and then the quartz crystal stone should be how to distinguish it, take a look below and crystal quartz stone countertops distinction:

Quartz stone countertops: Usually 15 thick, high temperature. Compared heavier. Which may have broken glass but not crystal clear!

Crystal stone countertops: Only 12 thick stone resin content and, not high temperature, compared to the light. Hardness difference, it seems crystal clear results.

Identification methods: 15 general thick quartz stone, crystal stone and only 12 thick, then there are more rock crystal resin content, hardness difference, it seems crystal clear results, which may have quartz glass fragments but not crystal clear!

Quartz crystal stone heavier than some aspects of high temperature quartz much stronger than crystals.

For quartz stone, crystal stone and artificial stone, we should pay attention to their distinguishing aspects to avoid when buying.