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Main factors that affect the quality of quartz

Apr 24, 2018

    As a historical building decoration material, the quality of artificial stone can be a match to natural stone with increasing advancement of human society and economy. As a perfect combination of science and nature, artificial quartz possesses the elegant appearance of nature stone, sense of royalty, and powerful incomparable advantages. The color is gorgeous and diverse, and adjustable by human being. The appearance can stay new and clean after long-time use. The non-microspore structure prevents the surface from dirty print. As a new green building material, the usage of quartz can comprehensively utilize all resources to restrain the overexploit of nature stone, and greatly contribute to environmental-protection, development of circular economy, and low-carbon economy.

    Quartz, as one of the latest environmental protection composite material, uses natural quartz powder particles, unsaturated polyester resin and filler pigments. Under the action of a small amount of initiator, the quartz manufacturers use professional production equipment on the surface of the die casting molding processing, and processing of surface, the entire process is completed. Therefore, in addition to the choice and compounding ratio of raw materials, production and processing equipment selection is also a key factor in determining the quality of quartz plate.