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How to extend the service life of quartz stone countertops

Apr 26, 2020

Quartz Stone  has become the most ideal countertop material for its high hardness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and not easy to bleed. Many problems will inevitably occur in use, which is not entirely a problem of quartz stone itself. In response to this problem, here are some precautions and solutions.


Precautions and Solution

1. Bleeding phenomenon occurs. The texture of the quartz stone is hard, and it is not easy to scratch or leak because the surface of the quartz stone has been specially treated, and some manufacturers will also do anti-fouling treatment on the surface. Do not use a sharp sharpener for a long time to scratch.Deep scratches on the countertop will damage the protective layer and cause bleeding problems.


2. Cracking and discoloration occurs at the edge of the furnace mouth. The main material of quartz stone countertops are pressed by quartz sand and resin. Do not leave the hot pot and other hot containers for a long time, because the temperature of the hot container is far above 100 degrees. As a result, the countertop will heat up, shrink or crack, or leave a mark of the bottom of the container. If you need to place hot containers, use a thermal pad.


3. To prevent materials such as oil, salt, sauce and vinegar from spilling onto the table, it needs to be cleaned in time. Do not use wire balls to clean, use clean water and rags.


In a word,no matter what kind of product you want to use for a long time, you can't do without careful care and maintenance in daily use. The price of quartz countertop is generally high, so it is recommended to perform waxing maintenance once a month (car wax or floor wax can be used), use neutral detergent to clean, and clean it in time after use.