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How to determine whether terrazzo need of renovation?

Feb 03, 2016

1, the first need of renovation terrazzo

Terrazzo after a very long period of use, because the normal friction damage, gloss down at the end; if again during renovation or to enhance the image, then the original stone is generally no longer be replaced, however, need to make crystal infiltration silicon processing company, professional terrazzo renovation to ensure that the original terrazzo once again shined.

2, the second need of renovation terrazzo

When all laid terrazzo renovation, terrazzo plate gap will appear, this time, it is necessary to close and almost the color of terrazzo to fill the gap.

After filling, it is necessary now to the second filling material grinding, polishing. This is also part of a terrazzo renovation process.

3, the third is in need of renovation terrazzo

As we all know, during the renovation construction, when a large number of decorators for many items need to diversion, such as landing planes, ladders, decorators can not always pay attention to the terrazzo surface protection, so sometimes cause wear and tear, serious, will damage terrazzo, sometimes because of the decoration of different levels of company personnel, terrazzo renovation of ineffective, then we should again dislocation, uneven terrazzo, renovation process.