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How to deal with the yellowing on the surface of the quartz kitchen

Mar 01, 2018

In the kitchen, there is a serious oil stain. If the cleaning of the kitchen is not clear, it will form thick stains. Of course, quartz stone countertops are no exception, though quartz stone is dirty, after all, it has no self cleaning function. For the cleanliness of the quartz stone table, many people are often unsuitable for cleaning, causing the discoloration and discoloration of the quartz mesa, and how should quartz stone be cleaned up?

Quartz stone surface has excellent anticorrosion ability to the acid-base and so on. The liquid substance used for daily use will not permeate its interior. The liquid placed on the surface for a long time will only be cleaned with water or soapy water, and if necessary, blade can be scraped away from the surface.

However, there are some mistakes for thick dirt many people how to clean up, most people will choose a detergent for cleaning, use wire ball, this operation is the wrong way to clean quartz stone, but I do not deny that is valid for other items like cleaning. According to the test report issued by quartzite factory, the hardness of quartz stone plate can reach 7 grade of Mohs hardness, which is only inferior to the hardness of diamonds, so that ordinary iron can not cause damage to its surface. But the use of wire ball friction is not the same, can cause damage to the surface of the scratch.

So for the surface that has been yellow and discolourable, the wire ball can not be used for cleaning, and 4B rubber can be used to wipe. For severe discoloration, the use of dilute sodium water and lacquer material will be wiped, and soapy water should be used to clean and dry.