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How to clean and maintain quartz stone every week

Jul 31, 2019

1. It can be scrubbed with detergent (Amway, detergent, toothpaste, etc.). After scrubbing, you can use the car wax or furniture wax on the surface to dry before using the dry cloth to rub back and forth, which will add a protective film to the table.

Special attention should be paid to the place where the surface stitching seams are stained. If it is stained up, it is recommended to scrub it in time, and focus on the here. If possible, the waxing frequency can be high.

2. If customers can't clean quartz tables by themselves, you can contact the manufacturer to clean it with professional quartz cleaning specialist.

In addition, there are some precautions for using the countertop:

a. Do not place hot objects on the counter directly or for a long time.

Hot pots, chafing dishes or other overheated appliances taken directly from stoves or ovens, microwave ovens, etc. may damage the surface of quartz stone. You can use a pot holder with a rubber foot or on the table.Do not hit the countertop strongly and cut things directly on the countertop or scratch it with hard objects; although the quartz countertops are solid and durable, they will leave unsightly scratches.

b. the surface should be as dry as possible

Because the water contains a lot of bleach and scale, the residence time will be too long, which will make the color of the table surface lighter. If happens, spray the cleaning solution and wipe it repeatedly until it is bright.

3. Strictly prevent strong chemical contact surfaces

Quartz stone countertops have long-lasting resistance to damage, but they still need to be protected from harsh chemicals such as paint removers, metal cleaners, and stove cleaners. Do not touch methylene chloride, acetone (removing nail polish), strong acid cleaner. If you accidentally come into contact with the above items, immediately rinse the surface with plenty of soapy water.