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How to Clean and Maintain Quartz Countertop?

Dec 20, 2017

quartz countertops

Summerly Quartz Countertop has no porous on its surface, so our quartz countertop is performance excellent in stain resistant,  scratch  resistant. Thus, our Summerly quartz countereop is very simple to clean, care  and maintain. 

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1.         Apply a common home cleaner to the stain. Leave cleaner on quartz countertop surface for two minutes.

2.         Use a non-scratch pad to rub gently in a circular motion for five minutes.

How to Clean and Maintain Quartz Countertop.jpg

3. Rinse with clean water thoroughly.

4.         Dry the surface.

5.         If stain persists, repeat process with an all-purpose cleaner.


ý Do not use knives directly on the quartz countertop surface, always use a cutting board.

ý Do not use water repellents or sealants to bring out the luster

ý Do not use paint strippers, caustic soda, or products with a ph very high or very low PH.

ý Sudden or rapid change of temperature or sustained heating, especially near edges and cut 

outs, may create enough thermal expansion energy to cause your countertop to crack.

ý Do not place Summerly stone countertop outdoors or in places with UV lighting.

ü Always use a trivet or hot pad between Summerly Quartz and any heat generating device 

including but not limited to crock pots, deep fryers, hot pots and pans or electric skillets. 

How to Clean and Maintain Quartz Countertop.jpg