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How to choose quartz stone countertop with suitable color

Sep 04, 2018

How to see colors

Human’s eyes are quite sensitive to colors.When people see a design works at their first sight,what they grab first is the work’s color,then is image and last one is words.

The color configuration in the design for the Kitchen Countertop and cabinet,we should pay attention to the color’s coloristic,light and shade contrast,contrast of purity,color proportion,color mixed harmonic,to keep picture balanced.


The advantages for dark color quartz stone countertop.

1.  Dirty resistance

When people cooks in the kitchen,washing,cutting,cooking. Every step are going to make the countertop looks dirty,especially the oil.If use the dark color countertop the dirty is very easy to clean away.After cooked,just clean the countertop with cleanser essence will makes it as brand new.


1.    Dark colors looks elegant and high-end.

Most of Dark color looks more natural look.Have a sense of elegance.Makes people filled with more enthusiasm to cook in the kitchen with good mood.

2.    Standard equipped the cabinet

Dark color countertop tie in light color cabinet like black and white is all-match and popular always.Most of cabinet will not use the dark color because the cabinet account for more than 50% of the kitchen.If the kitchen with too many dark color will have a feeling of impression.So the countertop can use dark color to match the cabinet.

The advantages for light color quartz stone countertop.

Add the brightness of the kitchen

In the modern kitchen,half percent use quartz stone. In the market most quartz stone with light colors,pure and fresh color.Some kitchens light is not so good. Use light color kitchen will make it looks more bright.In nowadays,the price for an apartment is very high,so most people buying small apartment.For small kitchen the area is not easy to get enough light,in this occasion,an set of light countertop would have goods effect.