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How to choose good quartz stone

Aug 29, 2018

Quartz stone countertops are extremely important in kitchen . More and more people will chose it for the home decoration .At present, the quartz stone industry is uneven. Some quartz stone countertops are prone to cracking, easy to penetrate and stain-resistant. Consumers use the inter-segment surface to look at poor gloss, the surface is dim, and dirt is difficult to wipe off.  It’s directly harming the interests of consumers.

In order to buy the good quality quartz surface, as consumers,there are some tips as below :

Look: the color of the visual product is pure and turbid, similar to the surface of the plastic colloidal sheet.


Smell: the nose smells pungent, no smelling is good.

Calacatta 007-1.jpg

Touch: hand touches the surface of the silk, the polishing is good and the thickness is no obviously high and low.


Draw: scratch the surface of the plate with nails will be no plains.


Touch: the same two pieces are easy to break each other


Check: check product ISO quality system certification, quality inspection report product warranty card and related anti-counterfeiting signs

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Tests: use a simple test to check the quality of the stone. The back of the stone is dripping. The ink is almost scattered everywhere. It means that the inner particles of the stone are loose or the quality of the micro-cracked stone; if the ink drops, the stone is dense.