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What is the difference between artificial marble stone and artificial quartz stone?

Sep 25, 2017

1) Raw materials, the main materials of artificial marble are calcium -carbonate type

stone powder. For quartz stone, the raw materials are SiO2 type quartz sand. Besides,

performance and formation of the resin used for them are different as well.

2) The appearance: For the big grain series, artificial marbles use natural stone as

materials, so it comes out with better effects than quartz stone when imitates big grain

stone serie.

3) Performance, high hardness is one of the properties of quartz stone, the surface of

quartz stone cannot be scratched even with iron tools. Quartz stone possess higher

bending strength and compressive strength than artificial marble. Marble is a relatively

soft material which is prone to scratching, but also makes maintaining them much less

difficult. Typically they can be re-polished all the way until they become too thin.

4) Production process, quartz is generally produced sheet by sheet after undergoing vibro

compression vacuum process and high temperature solidification, while artificial marble

will be made into a big block first (after undergoing compression and normal temperature

solidification process) and then cut into slabs in various thickness.

5) Application: engineered marbles are typically most popular as flooring materials for

large commercial projects such as hotels, shopping centers, business lobbies, Quartz

meanwhile is a material of much hardness. This makes them more resistant to scratching,

however it also makes re-polishing and general processing a more difficult task, which is

why they are most commonly used as kitchen counter tops.